Buydezine is  is a blog-spot and was created to educate. entertain, and inform in such area of interest as, the Internet of Things (IoT), economical, political, and spiritual  articles, essays, how-to’s, links, poems, and ebooks to the technologically challenged and information starved reader. Through articles of economical, political, and spiritual importance,  we hope to enhance the quality of our readers lives with useful and easy to read information on some very difficult social conversations.

Python, Ruby, Java
Python, Ruby, Java (Photo credit: leahculver)

Take for instance our Social Vibes pages:

Social Vibes page: here we hope to raise your community service aptitude by offering you an opportunity to support a Nonprofit Organization of your choosing, all with just a click of your mouse; and help change the lives of some really “good people who have had bad things happen to them.”

Or Our Short-Stories Page for instance:

Or any of the links below links for the IoT (internet of things)


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