Your Pie in the Sky

Your Pie in the Sky

by Kouros1950

According to an industry study in 2010, the first year cloud computing revenues topped $5 billion in 2008. Sometime in 2013, revenues are expected to top $20 billion. In cloud computing, you have the chance to grab a piece of an industry that will have grown four times in just five years. And I still haven’t even told you the most impressive part…

The cloud computing company I want to share with you actually partners in many applications with giants like Cisco and Oracle. What this means is —as computers get stronger —for NASA, the military, the Postal Service, top-flight research labs, even the company down the block from you right now…

All that information requires a safe and secure home. Think of the entire business world having an “external hard drive” to back up their work. Only this one, rather than a 1-terabyte model you can buy, will offer many thousands of times more power, stored remotely. With safety protocols good enough for the U.S. military.

Just a few hundred dollars in each of these plays is enough to get you started today at… Penny Sleuth  Calendar
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