Relationships: Money Back Guarantee

Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

by Kouros1950

Today’s fiat ( fix-it-again-Tony ) approach to relationships with its Money back guarantees–shacking up and its emphasises on each partner needs being met in order to sustain happiness is, for all intent and purposes, failing greatly. The problem is, most females enter each conquest with the unspoken hope of finality to their search for happiness. ” This is the one girl. ” “I finally found Mr. Right girl.” And the question then becomes, how many trials and errors will one experience before it’s too many? Or better yet when does one stop trying?

On other hand, most men don’t share this view. Most men, today, are just seeking to have sex with an attractive partner. And it’s this one selfish desire that is always the main reason for relationship estrangements.

This desire for sexual fulfillment, by men,  is the reason for their entanglement. It deceives and obstructs most female efforts—without saying.

Today’s couples see each other as a needs machine: meet my emotional needs, my financial needs, my sexual needs, or good-riddens. In other words, they blackmail each other. They think that true love and romantic feelings are the same thing. Then once the feelings of romantic attraction wane, they say: ” I’ve fallen out of  love with this person. ” And quickly move on to another attempt.

As cliche as the words: ” for better or worse ” and ” I promise; ” have become; they are the main ingredients for a healthy relationship. Add to these moral character and you have the fixings for a meaningful experience. Because when times get hard most relationships crumble into a heap of resentment, frustration, misgivings, name calling and irretrievable loss of invested time.

Commitment and moral character are the building blocks for a healthy experience. Moral character is the only tool in a relationship’s tool box that will curve sexual appetite. Commitment establishes trust and fosters a healthy atmosphere so that the real true nature for a relationship between a man and a woman–procreation can be realized. The desire for self-realization and actualization through the love of family are the intended purpose for human creation. Women, by their very nature, have the fulfillment of this desire as the core reason for each encounter. Albeit, society’s mores and economical demands have distorted this effort.

Men l think, on other hand, mostly have a misplaced intent and purpose; and is seldom justtified .It mostly one of advenure, conquest, and desire. Society’s lack of moral fiber have left him with nothing to balance out his desires for procreation. So he wonders the fields of relationships creating havoc and unwanted babies.

A real wise man once wrote if you seek understanding “…wisdom will enter your heart, and moral knowledge will be attractive to you. ”  Without a strong sense of right from wrong, any marriage is doomed from the start. Without this one will not care if the other is hurt. Marriage, is a conscious effort that builds itself on the assumption that love,  fidelity, truthfulness, and compassion will be its walls. The word heuristic teaches us:

Heuristic ( heu·ris·tic /hyooˈristik/ ) Adjective: Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves. Noun: A process or method. involving or serving as an aid to learning, discovery, or problem-solving by experimental and especially trial-and-error discovery.

That today’s heuristic ( trial and error ) approach is missing some main ingredients that would make failing relationships work: Commitment, character, capability, spiritual insight,  and the absence there of any of these is a cause for estrangement. The major impediment to life’s greatest secret is, the error for our ways.

Many a children have wondered what ill-winds blew down their childhood chances at happiness. What went wrong? Where they too bad? And the only answer often given is: ” people fall out of love you know. You’ll understand when you’re older and have relationships of your own. “ Unwittingly, passing on this dysfunction to the next generation.

Too often a short, quick method to relationships is sought when there is none. Why? Because relationships take a life-time to fulfill. But a relationship with God will most certainly help. Why? Because “…perfect love never fails.

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