Assignment Four/PSA: Parody Format

Public Service Announcement Parody
“”” Public Service Announcement Parody

“To make meaning in context formatted form is the purpose of rhetoric.”

Visual rhetorical products aims to ether inform, persuade, or entertain its audience.

Visual rules and elements

Emphasis on position—Rule of Thirds

In my piece, I tried to merge an image of Einstein, his universal recognition power with font arrangement and content, in geometrically horizontal thirds into a PSA concerning raising public awareness for Teacher’s Appreciation Week, in which we, in The United States, honor the efforts of teachers everywhere for their hard work. 

In my parody, I also selected in particular, fonts: (Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded and Bauhaus 93 ); color (white, yellow); and grammar in such a way that it expressed with childlike innocence, the delicate relationship between teacher and student–an audio PSA wouldn’t achieve. Keeping the main body of the PSA in the background as incidental information, I pulled forward the main subject, through the image, in an effort to focus my main point: Teacher’s Appreciation Month of which expands the known celebrated week to a whole month, that I think should be the real period of celebration, considering all the things teachers encounter in a year’s time with our unsurely kids.  And for my major rhetorical appeal, I selected logos, and wrapped it all in an image sized at 555 x 411.

Link to remix:

In summary, I’d like to apologize to all for my previous PSA efforts in Assignments 3&4 for the link to my PSA doesn’t work, and due to the delicate nature of portability across  different platforms, namely Flickr, mine never worked. So I made sure this one worked before submitting final assignment. Reformatted with new internet extensions that may allow this PSA, and the previous one to appear as suggested.

Size of the image is important.


Rule for rhetorical analysis of peers:

Describe, assess, and suggest.

Rule for rhetorical analysis of peers: Describe, assess, and suggest.