Assignment Four: PSA (Guess Whose Coming To Dinner?)

Week Four: Visual Analysis by Herbert Vaughn

All communications, regardless of genre, have a rhetorical purpose, they wish to make the selected audience think,

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feel, and moved in a certain way concerning their selected cause—a public  service announce is no exception to this rule.

In the public service announcement genre, purpose, audience, and timeliness determine the content and the form of media used to convey the message.

In my piece, I have tried to answer these concerns using the rhetorical appeal tools of logos, pathos, and kairos in a

power point presentation that had very little urgency in it because the subject I felt has been explored by many on many occasions and the general public maybe somewhat jaded by now. I also felt that the amount of time my audience would spend watching something they might be tired of hearing about was very important, so I kept it short–total time: 100sec. I also felt that the emotional appeal had to be overt but not sappy, so I approached it with a more logos rhetorical appeal.`

I used a phronesis(goodwill) as a rhetorical appeal to the audience’s sense of community–Hitting them with facts and stressing my experience in this matter I felt was the best approach, largely because this is almost a thread worn subject that seems to have only temporary solutions. Hopefully, this approach made them rethink their position on the subject from a social-sense of consciousness; thus, asking themselves: “have I done my fair share?” Or, “Have I just ignored the problem because it had no immediate effect on me?”

Feeding The World’s Hungry One Click At a Time

This is a familiar cause, nothing is new or unique about it and most people look at it like taxes—So I drove home solutions that are already proven through linked sites who work in this area. My target audience are people who frequent educational sites, PTA meetings, belong to community/socially minded churches, and companies looking for a program to support; thus broadening this conversation’s efforts one click at a time.

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