A Poem (more reasons than rhymes)

When I wrote this I had tears in my eyes because when I played back the video of what should have been our lives together, thus far , I wasn’t in it.

There were no tea parties scences with the two of us in them, no ice cream cones together, no scences of hugs and kisses. All I got was the sound track of  your disdain, your disparaging remarks, all cluncked together in one big scream that has ehcoed down 27 years to my now tentative ears. Someone has bamboozled me; hood-winked me; stole my birth-right just like Esau–Stole my kisses, Stole my Love, and ate my girl-scout cookies. Maybe it was because he had no kids of his own; maybe because they both thought I would never come home.

What ever the reason for their rhyme. I didn’t  get the gist of it.

So happy birthday again anyway