Daddies Need not Apply

Times has fade what God gave promise of So pure a daughter’s love Yet what remains is bitter sweet Afloat on the sea rushing towards you Yet drowning in the sea of Uninspired Love

Is a bottle inside it is the heart of a Father’s love and written upon it are these  words “I Love you too” My heart can hear your screams from the shore as it rushes towards you:  ”I have a Daddy you need not apply.”

There’s a very short string between your past and present expriences; especially when it comes to  resentments, misplaced anger, and unforgivingness. People say: “I forgave that person but I’m still angry about what happened, and I won’t forget it.” Or I forgave the fault but I didn’t forget what happened to me and why it happened and who was the blame.

But when we have wronged someone else we want complete forgiveness. we want the wrong to be forgiven and forgotten. We want the person to act as if nothing ever happened. We say “blah, blah, blah.” “forget about it and get over it already.”

The Bible says that the “The Father throws our past oughts into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered no more.”  Today’s psychology has made a science out of telling us just how short this string is. Every time you recall a hurt you relive the emotional content associated with it, consciously or unconciously.

The Apostle Paul tells us that “whenever he trys to do  good, he finds that evil is always present in him.” Then I beg the answer: “Can you honestly forgive with out forgetting?”

The closer you get to the Light, the more it highlights the darkness in you.