Me & Mrs. Jones (post mortum)

Since humans can not separate time from space, in the space of time given me concerning this matter; I write it as such: about our us in a certain space of time place in our times together when our relationship made no sense; and, sense emotional healing can only take place in the space of time; and mortality being the enemy of them both; all that remains now, are  these memories of us. Our Bible told us that if we had ought with one another, the one should leave his alms at alter and first take care of that.” But neither of us did. And time being the enemy of us both; i can not tell you of my sorrow concerning the.matter. For it truly didnt happen the way you said.

 We both had time to make amends though, but neither did, One couldn’t and the other wouldn’t. So I’m forced to address us in the past tense. Arrogance no doubt, maybe played a part in my not having done so. Either way, our time is up. We long ago said our good-byes.

But memories are something no can control. They come and go as they please and intrude where they are least wanted and without warning. They appear at the most ipainfulnappropiate times: funerals, birthdays, holidays, and the ilk. So much of what I think about these days have to do with you, even now as I write this I’m recalling the first time we ever met:

You were to me, the prettiest woman I had ever seen in my twelve years of existence. I could not understand why anyone would let a woman as beautiful as you go. Your skin, a rich creamy chocolate. Your hair, shoulder length, a silky black. Even your teeth were pretty even with that gold on them.You smiled at me and I knew then that I could never really go back. That day I saw you for the first time. I had finally found you. I had had only one painful memory of you prior to this day. It was worn and thither-ed … I had found you at last–Donnie Mae.

Your were to rescue me from the mean world of Reverend’s or so I thought. But life is not like that, it doesn’t do what you think it should. They stretches and pull you in directions that you don’t wish to go. It ask things of you that not even a god should ask. To forgive a great hurt.