Introduction: Actus Potentia by kouros fizer

A command of “rest all you heavens, do no work.” For my glory shall not shine and no creation shall be done.”


“Mythology can refer either to the collected myths of a group of people—their body of stories which they tell to explain nature, history, and customs—or to the study of such myths.”

Mythology is an important feature of every culture. Various reasons for myths have been proposed, ranging from the need to personify nature to truthful or hyperbolic accounts of historical events. Although the term is complicated, mythologizing is not just an ancient or primitive practice. But often it serves as a culture’s collective conscience. Mythology helps convey belonging, shared religious experience, behavioral models, and moral and practical lessons.

And they all have three things in common: a deity, a fallen hero, a belief system, and rituals for worship. Many a new models exist to aide as a answer to this question-What is a myth?–and–How can we know one?  So we begin…

Actus Potentia

It was upon the 7th aeon at the beginning of their time that I did do this thing…

A word of obedience had been given to all of creation, for the godhead was at rest, there was nothing to worship.

Rest, all the heavens and therein–rest; do no tasks. For at this time my glory will not shine.”

It was then that I come upon this desire.

And did enter into their time and space and present this new understanding to his beloved creatures. Their very natures were of importance to me.Tempting, alluring, like the beauty adorning me; So I did conjure such a thing so different from all existing things and through it I stole their innocence and replaced it with desire. To prove that they no more than beast of the field, animals who would gravel at the chance to be as gods.

I wanted it. Their wills, to use them as I wish, so precious to me were they.

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