“The Public Good.”underconstruction Excerpts from “African-American: a poletarian,” By Randall Fizer Vaughn

“Give us a king they cried.” A quote from 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel check in mysword. HERE

What is democracy? Some mystical words scribed on parchment that had the intent to inspire and procreate itself into a homogeneous pluralistic city without the painstaking  efforts of a few  or some sinister attempt by evil conspirators bent on control, manipulation, and greed? What really is the meaning of Democracy for America today? Do most even know what this idea is in terms of textual wording and meaning?

For me “Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses in an organism to towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal. For example, hunger is a motivation that elicits a desire to eat. Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of the  action to eat. Motivation has been shown to have roots in physiological, behavioral, cognitive, and social areas. Motivation may be rooted in a basic impulse to optimize well-being, minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure.”

Or could this craving be sustained through the redistribute of wealth and the public works and “do goods”  by government—which may sound very altruistic and purposeful but what is the real motivation behind it?


Politicians always make remarks about the public good. What is “The Public Good?”

For me Public Good has to have value to have any real meaning. And that value needs to be monetary in nature, or the poor will only get poorer.

In Economics a Public Goods Market is made up of Government entities like National Parks, roads and bridges, National Defense . These sectors have employees because these have a ripple effect on the economy when they fail, like during the “Government Shut Down” recently , it effected such factors as unemployment, GDP, consumer spending, and taxable capitol.

Public Good by Investopedia definition is, “A product that one individual can consume without reducing its availability to another individual and from which no one is excluded. Economists refer to public goods as “non-rivalrous” and “non-excludable”.

National defense, sewer systems, public parks and basic television and public radio broadcasts could all be considered public goods.”

“The poor you always have with you…KJV, Holy Bible,chapter, verse, book quote is from what book?

 “Machiavelli writes that reforming an existing order is one of the most dangerous and difficult things a prince can do. Part of the reason is that people are naturally resistant to change and reform. Those who benefited from the old order will resist change very fiercely. By contrast, those who stand to benefit from the new order will be less fierce in their support, because the new order is unfamiliar and they are not certain it will live up to its promises. Moreover, it is impossible for the prince to satisfy everybody’s expectations. Inevitably, he will disappoint some of his followers. Therefore, a prince must have the means to force his supporters to keep supporting him even when they start having second thoughts, otherwise he will lose his power. Only armed prophets, like Moses, succeed in bringing lasting change. Machiavelli claims that Moses killed uncountable numbers of his own people in order to enforce his will.” Wikipedia.org, Machiavelli, The Prince.


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